PE Pipes for distribution of drinking water

PE pipes for distribution of drinking water are manufactured compliant with the Standard DIN EN 12201 and the Slovenian Technical Approval STS-16/0010, issued by the Construction Institute of Slovenia. Polyethylene pipes for potable water distribution are marked with a blue line.


  • pipes meet the requirements of the Law on Health Suitability of Foods, Products and Substances in Contact With Foods (certificate W 270),
  • pipes of smaller diameters (up to a max d of 125 mm) are usually available on rolls and are used mainly for smaller house connections and distribution of water,
  • pipes of larger diameters are usually delivered in bars of 12 meters and more.
In 2017, we have, along with the already acquired certificates, also acquired the DVGW and ÖVGW certificate for PE pipes for distribution of drinking water.