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The modern and increasingly rapid way of life is also reflected in even shorter implementation deadlines set for the construction companies for the execution of individual construction projects. Due to this it often happens that the construction workers do not pay enough attention to optimum installation conditions prescribed by the manufacturers of building materials. This kind of problem was very acute in the installation of piping systems, which pushed manufacturers to think about the creation of a product that is more resistant to errors in the installation itself, and which would, consequently, of course, increase the quality and safety of the facility. Based on these considerations, we have developed a special application of the pipelines, which can be used for distribution of water, gas and sewage, namely pipes, which are made from modern PE 100 RCplus materials, resistant to rapid crack propagation, and also pipes, which, in addition to basic polyethylene (PE) layer, have the protective layer added. Such piping greatly increases the safety of the facility in cases where the installation itself has not been carried out in accordance with building regulations.


  • saving in construction work - sand bed is not needed,
  • coat added materials, which cause additional strength of the protective layer - extremely resistant to abrasion,
  • easy separation of the layer from the base pipe.


  • dimensional range of 63-125 mm,
  • SDR 11 and SDR 17,
  • standards SIST EN 12201, SIST EN 1555 and SIST EN13244,
  • packaging: reels and rods,
  • service life of over 100 years.


  • for water supply, gas and sewer networks,
  • more demanding areas of installation, such as rocky terrain,
  • underground horizontal directional drilling,
  • ideal for the rehabilitation of pipelines for trenchless methods (re-lining and burst-lining),
  • for projects that require quick and easy technology of laying pipes,
  • in areas where the soil is contaminated.
Premer cevi (mm) SDR 11
e (mm)
SDR 17
e (mm)
32 3 2
40 3,7 2,4
50 4,6 3
63 5,8 3,8
75 6,8 4,5
90 8,2 5,4
110 10 6,6
125 11,4 7,4
s = thickness of the protective layer in all pipes is 1.5 mm