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AQUAstay configurator

25. 10. 2021

We are constantly striving to find and develop solutions that facilitate business between us and our business partners. We have developed the AQUAstay configurator - a solution for easier ordering of our water tanks and its additional parts.

The AQUAstay configurator is an online store that makes it easier for B2B partners to order water tanks. There is a possibility to choose the desired the type of tank (tank for rainwater, drinking water or waste water), the desired size and associated parts, such as telescopes, covers, inlet seals, locks, etc.

The AQUAstay configurator allows order's synchronization in the online store with automatic transfer to Pantheon. This unifies the ordering system, automates sales processes for both the company and the entire partner network, and at the same time significantly improves the user experience of researching, ordering and submitting inquiries. The configurator works on all devices, multilingualism and consequently operations on markets outside Slovenia are enabled.