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155 ECOdip in the city Varaždin

5. 1. 2023

On Thursday, December 29th, 2022, a public procurement contract for ECOdip underground collection containters was signed in the City Hall of Varaždin.

The public procurement contract was signed on behalf of the city of Varaždin by Miroslav Marković, deputy mayor, and the representative of the selected provider, Zoran Šreng, director of the subsidiary company Vodoplast promet d.o.o. who is the holder of the providers' association and Branko Potočnik, director of the parent company Aplast d.o.o., a manufacturer of underground containers.

On the basis of the contract, a total of 155 pieces of ECOdips will be supplied, which will be placed in 31 locations next to residential buildings in Varaždin. These are 5 types of containers for the collection of mixed municipal waste, paper and plastic/metal, as well as containers for the collection of glass and biological waste manufactured by APLAST.