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AQUAstay tanks for rainwater

12. 4. 2023

Tanks for rainwater are an example of responsible water management, and the 50.000 l tank is perfect for large surfaces! We are not sure whether you know, but we also have our own R&D, they are in charge of the development of new items. The new tools for them are then manufactured in our own toolshop, and the items produced at the very same production plant. So basically fom 0 to hero in one go, as you can see below 😅

The thing is, when it comes to preserving water, we can sometimes all feel a bit like a drop in the ocean, with nothing to show, and according to the UN's data, over 85% of the planet's wetlands have been lost. Let us all contribute our share to the global goal of ensuring clean water and sanitation for all! We can help you take the first step 💧💧💧