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The floods in Slovenia

9. 8. 2023

Dear business partners, customers and suppliers!

River flooding, which has covered two-thirds of Slovenia in the past few days, is leaving behind, in addition to destroyed homes and infrastructure, enormous damage to the economy. The floods also covered the Zagožen group, of which the company Aplast is a part.

Extensive flooding also caused damage to our warehouse and business premises, both at locations in Žalec and Petrovče. All this represents material damage to facilities within the group, half of the active work areas and some machinery were flooded.

Thanks to the production that we recently moved to Ložnica pri Žalcu, we will be able to offer everything necessary for all business partners and customers who contact us. We will do our best to ensure that work in our companies within the group goes smoothly and does not affect delivery deadlines.

Our thoughts are with our business partners, suppliers, customers and all individuals who were also affected by the natural disaster, with hope that the consequences of the disaster will be eliminated as soon as possible.

We ask for your understanding, in case of any problems that will be related to the entire supply chain, we will also inform you about any major changes.

We wish you all the best.