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ECOdip - cover story of the Mesečni utrip

5. 2. 2024

In the latest issue of the "Mesečni utrip" magazine, published by the Association of Municipalities of Slovenia, the innovative introduction of ECOdip waste collection containers on ecological islands in the municipality of Jesenice takes centre stage. ECOdip containers represent an innovative approach to sustainable waste management, enabling discreet and efficient sorting and subsequent recycling, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of urban spaces. The proactive efforts of the municipality of Jesenice in environmental conservation are gaining recognition at the national level, as highlighted in the latest issue of the "Mesečni utrip" magazine.

According to the Municipality of Jesenice, the use of submerged ecological islands has additional advantages in the provision of public waste collection and disposal services. Due to the larger capacity of the disposal containers, they need to be emptied less frequently, and the maintenance of the containers is minimal, contributing to a longer lifespan of submerged containers compared to traditional ones. The municipality assesses that the project of introducing submerged ecological islands has been very successful, emphasizing that an ecological island is not just a conventional location with containers but a well-maintained and clean space in nature, complemented by the wooden framework of the containers.

You are invited to read the magazine by clicking here.