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About Aplast

We are one of the leading companies engaged in the processing of plastic masses (rotomoulding) in Slovenia and Central-Eastern Europe. We are actively penetrating the western markets and at the same time preserving the advantage held on the existing markets.

We are directed towards the development of high-quality and aesthetically acceptable products that meet the basic requirements: quality, safety and efficiency. We thus ensure the market advantage and recognisability of our own trademark products on an increasingly competitive market. 

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With profound knowledge and years of extensive experience, we have developed high quality products and solutions that satisfy our business partners’ high demands regarding quality, safety and efficiency, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment and the rise of life quality throughout the European area.


We are a flexible and an innovative development partner of our customers. With excellence on all levels of business cooperation, we bring benefits to all target audiences; to the customers by offering them quality custom made products, to the employees with professional and personal growth, to the suppliers with the expansion of business opportunities, and to the state and local community as an important, socially responsible employer.

Certificate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

We have acquired the certification mark of Bureau Veritas Certification, which provides us with a seal of commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability on international level.