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Our research department contributes its knowledge and experience in preparing tools and manufacturing a product according to your wishes. With your cooperation, the technical team defines the idea and, according to past experiences, suggests technical improvements. On the basis of the agreed, we prepare a comprehensive technical plan, documentation and 3D planning. The technology of the manufacture of the tools and product is precisely determined and presented throughout developmental phases. At the same time, the deadlines for the production of tools, testing parts, zero series and regular manufacturing are determined.

Idea and Planning

Based on an idea, improvements and technical data, we prepare a development project, whose end result is a plasticcustom-made product. In doing so, we consider the economic, technical and execution aspects as much as possible. The joint review of an idea at a technical consultation enables us to define the technical characteristics, price and time of the manufacture of the planned series of plastic, custom-made products.

Preparing Technical Documentation

We prepare the technical documentation, including the CAD/CAM files. We equip the end product with a technical folder, which is used in the implementation of all stages throughout the project. Upon completion, the technical folder contains all the necessary data for obtaining various certificates of suitability for the product itself.

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