PE ribbed protective pipes AFLEX

Cable sewer AFLEX with a double wall are made of high thickness polyethylene, and is intended for the protection of cables, pipes, etc. in the following uses:

  • power distribution: low and high tension lines,
  • telecommunications: optical cables, TV - communication lines,
  • road signalisation,
  • railway systems,
  • protection of water and other pipes,
  • road leashes ...


  • chemical resistant,
  • special ditch preparation for pipe laying is not required,
  • pipe flexibility enables simple laying on all terrains and in all configurations,
  • enables simple avoidance of obstacles even without the use of arches and similar accessories,
  • absorbs indents, caused by trucks and other blows without damage to functionality,
  • suitable for installation into wet, damp and aggressive terrains,
  • lightness of pipes facilitates storage, transport and installation,
  • a simple clamp is used to connect two pipes.