Oil and grease separators AQUAoil

Oil separators AQUAoil are used to separate rainwater from light fluids such as fuels and oils (< from 0.95 kg/l) which are a danger for groundwater pollution.

We recommend them especially near:

  • gas stations,
  • larger parking houses,
  • cargo vehicle parking lots,
  • mechanical and tire replacement workshops, and car washes,
  • catering establishments (oil and grease separators are legally obligatory there, as fats need to be filtered to the point that the waste water contains up to 5 mg of the substance / l upon release of rainwater into the sewer grid).

We offer:

  • gravity oil separators (light liquids rise to the surface, purified water is removed from the separator through a sink pipe),
  • coalescing oil separators (two settlement parts between which there is a coalescent filter, which separates carbohydrate molecules from waste water),
  • coalescent oil separators with bypass (peaks of clean rainwater flow through bypass which prevents surface flooding),
  • grease separators (separate organic substances from waste water before it flows into the sewer grid).