Sewer inspection chambers

Sewer inspection chambers of the "Zagožen" type are universal chambers, intended for a broad circle of users with the most varied of requirements. 

The structural solution of the chambers guarantees, along with ecological acceptability, the following:
  • long life (the manufacturer guarantees a 50 year life expectancy of material),
  • watertightness,
  • waste water resistance,
  • age resistance,
  • wear resistance,
  • simple and quick adaptation of installation height,
  • simple and quick construction of an additional attachment,
  • manufacture of various combinations of entry and exist attachments,
  • savings when making the reinforced concrete plate (cone),
  • suitable for all types of sewers,
  • suitable for all types of connection pipes,
  • height of through suits max. cross-section of attachment pipe or is equal to the diameter of attachment pipe,
  • saves time due to quick and simple installation,
and, due to low weight, enables:
  • simple transport,
  • easy manipulation (manual handling),
  • quick and simple assembly of chambers at the construction site.

Sewer inspection chambers with a double base

Advantages of a double base chamber:

  • chamber base has a double wall (outer chamber wall and inner water channel wall),
  • the outer wall of the chamber base prevents the deformation of the chamber water channel,
  • the space between the outer chamber wall and the water channel can be filled with various fillings,
  • the filling substantially improves the resistance of the chamber base to the hydrostatic pressure and thus prevents deformations of the chamber water channel,
  • installation of the chamber is also possible in areas with high groundwater (up to 5 m),
  • great stability when placing the chamber in the excavation due to the flat base of the chamber,
  • easy backfilling of the chamber due to special version of the chamber base,
  • the combination of inlet connections can easily be adapted to the requirements of the project,
  • a possibility of making additional connections in the chamber base,
  • chamber water channel is completely smooth,
  • the body of the inspection chamber can be made of reinforced rotomoulding rings or of PE/PP corrugated pipe.