Stormwater infiltration systems AQUAway

Stormwater infiltration systems AQUAway are distinguished by an innovative and advanced system for proper removal of excess rainwater.


  • construction of seepage fields of various sizes with high capacity of seepage or removal of excess rainwater back into nature (module systems),
  • lower installation costs - higher savings,
  • simple transport and storage,
  • simple installation (a module weight starts at 30 kg),
  • quick and simple installation and addition of AQUAway tunnels (when constructing larger surfaces of seepage fields),
  • simple connection of entrance / exit pipes and vents,
  • high material resistance (possibility of use of module AQUAway system under parking lots, roadways and other driving surfaces),
  • long product life (manufacturer guarantees material life expectancy of 50 years),
  • minimal requirements for maintenance and simple supervision of AQUAway tunnels after installation.

Efficient solution for broad installation programme in cases of:

  • lacking or nonexistent sewers,
  • soil erosion due to flow of rainwater,
  • connection to sinks and ends of roadside ditches,
  • large quantity of rainfall,
  • areas at risk of flooding (sports surfaces – golf, roadside ditches, etc.),
  • return of water back into the environment,
  • poor permeability of soil,
  • high ground water, and
  • vegetation protection.