Underground waste collection containers ECOdip

High quality, extremely long life

  • made from polyethylene that is not harmful to health, as well as extremely resistant to impact, high temperature differences, harmful UV-radiation and mechanical damage
  • acquired highest quality certificate for ECOdip containers
  • quick and practical dig placement and simple maintenance
  • technologically suitable for emptying by classic waste removal vehicles

More space for nature

  • 70% of the volume is located underground
  • more coherent appearance of the environment and better inclusion of the waste containers in the natural environment
  • up to 5x bigger collecting surface compared to classic plastic containers for non-biological waste
  • reduced frequency of waste pick-ups, rationalises pick-up costs, reduces noise in the environment

Compliant with the requirements for separate waste collection, the containers ECOdip have movable lids of various colours, especially appropriate for the marking of individual fractions when recycling. The lids are adapted for the use of disabled persons and children.

All ECOdip containers are equipped with lift grips for safe placement of the container into the floor.

Model Volume (I) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
ECOdip M 1300 1300 850 110
ECOdip M 3000 3000 1250 180
ECOdip M 5000 5000 1600 240