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The final product is manufactured according to Rotomoulding technology or plastic spurting tecnology, or the combination of both technologies with more complex production lines. The most quality and sustainable materials are used according to the technical requirements of the final product. In the assembly workshop the manufactured component parts, with the help of welding, cutting, drilling and processing assemble into a homogeneous whole.

Rotomoulding technology

Advanced Rotomoulding technology enables us to produce seamless hollow plastic products of random shapes and dimensions.  

The process starts with the installation of tools (aluminium mould) on a machine hand, which squirts out a measured quantity of dust or liquid resin into the mould. What follows is the process of spinning around vertical or horizontal axis and heating up to adequate temperature. The last phase involves the procedure of cooling down in a cooling chamber, with the help of air, water, or the combination of both. After a thorough control of quality, the product is ready to be used, or sent into further production phases.

Materials and facilities

On the basis of technical expectations for each product, we choose the best and high-quality materials.
The technology Rotomoulding is appropriate for different kind of series of productions, for geometrically complicated products or products of big dimensions.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Due to the increasing needs for a combination of plastic rotomoulding products and injected parts we have also taken up the injection moulding of products. 

Robotised processing

We solve the customers's high demands in the final processing of products with the help of a robotised processing.


The assembly section manufactures standard products (oil separators, small biological cleaning devices,water tanks, lids …) and custom-made products (inspection chambers, sand traps, fittings, products made to customer's specifications …). They are manufactured with welding, cutting, drilling and processing individual elements into a unified whole. Each product has appropriate technical documentation.

Our assembly section uses butt welding, extrusion welding, electrofusion welding and conducts pressure tests.

Quality control

With the goal of producing and selling a quality product that complies with customer requirements and applicable legislation and regulations, the company ensures quality control throughout the entire production process. In addition to competent employees, we have our own laboratory with equipment for controlling the quality of incoming raw materials and final control of the required product properties.

Our commitment to providing quality products and the environmental aspect of our operations is confirmed by the annual maintenance of a certified quality management system according to ISO9001 and an environmental management system according to ISO14001.

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