One of our key advantages is our own tool-making workshop, sand workshop and mechanical workshop, where we make all the necessary tools for the production of products of optional dimensions, shapes and materials. 

We have mastered all the necessary technology for manufacturing high-quality moulds for rotational moulding. The tool manufacturing process encompasses modelling, technical documentation, manufacturing a sheet metal mould, or asteel or aluminium mould using CNC milling, and sandblasting. The manufactured tools are in compliance with the technical documentation and the end product requirements. The toolmaking plant has state-of-the-art technology and is ready to manufacture large tools of dimensions up to four metres. 

Due to the complexity of new products, the toolmaking process uses a combination of sheet metal fabrication and CNC-processed matrices, which are fused into a whole. 

Sandblasting is the process of treating surfaces with abrasives or other media. The mentioned medium is applied to the surface of the tool under high pressure and with great speed; hence, sandblasting is a procedure in which we completely alter the structure of the product. We use the so-called steel shot blasting, which ensures an even and controlled roughness of the surface of the end plastic product. The finished tool is thus given a homogeneous structure, where there are no visible signs of welding, grinding and the like. The size of the sandblasting chamber is suitable for treating large tools up to four metres. 

At the mechanical workshop, using CNC milling and lathing centres, we manufacture tools for the injection moulding of plastics, rubber, matrices for larger tools, which are then installed into larger pieces in the toolmaking plant, andaluminium tools. By using modern CNC programs for milling and construction, we can handle any challenge. The products are always in compliance with the approved technical documentation. All treatment of the tools and matrices is carried out on the basis of preliminary CAD/CAM plans, which present the basis for CNC-controlled machine tools. Our knowledge and equipment enable the development and manufacture of high-quality tools. 

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